Scientific journal
Научное обозрение. Экономические науки
ISSN 2500-3410
ПИ №ФС77-57503


Gafarova Е.А. 1
1 Institute of social and economic researches USC RAS
The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of capabilities of software applications which specialize on econometric modeling (Statistica, SPSS, EViews, Stata, Gretl, Prognoz Platform, R, MS Excel), and the assess of feasibility and appropriateness of their use on practical classes on basic and advanced econometrics in university. We used the following criteria to compare programs: availability of methods for basic and advanced courses in econometrics; presence of Russian interface; the complexity of studying the interface; completeness and quality of the help system, the availability of learning lessons, examples of data; provision of additional literature on how to use; the difficulty of obtaining models and graphs; the ability to simultaneously work with multiple files, the availability of integration between different modules of the program, the ability to create your own macros; performance of the program; price et al.